• Entry is through Gate 4, Rosaia Road, from Midland Highway.
  • In circumstances in which the automatic gate is not working, internal gate 2 must be kept closed at all times that horses are on the property.
  • On site speed limit is strictly 20kms.
  • If arriving between 8am-9am or 3pm-5pm beware of cattle on road and a short delay may be experienced on Rosaia Rd.
  • Leave grounds and structures in the same condition as found.

Camping & Parking

  • Non-powered camping is available in the day yard area.
  • Powered camping is available adjacent to the stable pavilion.
  • Parking and camping is not allowed on the grass between the stables and Indoor Arena.
  • Camping bookings are to be done through Nominate online or over the phone to the Elmore Equestrian Park Office, prior to arrival.
  • Horses are not to be tied to floats in the powered / grass camping area
  • Horse manure in all camping areas must be cleaned up.


  • Dogs are permitted at the venue to the discretion of the hiring club.
  • Owners must clean up after their dog.
  • Dogs must be restrained at all times.

General Conditions

  • Care for and respect the equipment provided to you.
  • All breakages and loss of equipment will be charged to the hiring club.
  • The Elmore Equestrian Park will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of any personal or club property.


  • Horse manure must not be put in rubbish bins.
  • Put rubbish in bins provided.
  • Clean up all manure from roads and arenas.
  • Manure dump points are available near the stables and day yards.

Painting of Hooves

  • Painting of the horse hooves is STRICTLY NOT permitted on any concreted areas, including the stables.
  • Please put down a mat if you are on any concrete areas.

Refund Policy

  • Cancellations for stables and camping outside of 48 hours from the event date will be charged 50% of the booking fee.
  • Cancellation of booking made less than 48 hours from the event date or post event date will be charged 100% of the booking fee.

Riding Conditions

  • Lunge and ride in allocated areas away from parked vehicles.
  • Lunging and riding is not permitted in the camping areas or grassed areas, including between stable pavilion and indoor arena.
  • Horses must be tied in a safe and secure manner.
  • No horses are to be on the Indoor Arena concrete.

Stabling/ Yards

  • Stable bookings are to be done through Nominate online or over the phone to the Elmore Equestrian Park Office, prior to arrival.
  • Bedding is not available after 1pm two days before event starts.
  • Stable Cleaning Bond - $30 per stable:
  • This amount will be refunded post event if the stable is cleaned satisfactory on departure (all bedding and waste must be removed from stable). The stable bond refund will be processed directly back to the credit card used to book the stable.
  • If you want us to clean your stable, leave your stable as is and we will clean it post event, the stable cleaning bond will be used as the fee for this.
  • Only assigned stables are to be used.
  • All yards must be cleaned out on departure.
  • Yards have a sand base, bedding is not to be used.

Toilets & Showers

  • During the event it is the hiring clubs responsibility to keep the toilets clean, please notify club if toilets are in need of attention.

Wash Bays

  • Wash bay to be kept clean at all times.
  • Manure must not be left on or around the wash bay, it is to be deposited in manure dump points.


  • It is recommended that people bring their own personal drinking water.
  • Water outlets for horses are located at the horse yards, stables and wash bays.